Gears of War Cosplay Costume Development

Our most recent custom orders came from some American soldiers stationed all the way in Afghanistan. They wanted some custom Gears of War costumes from Gears 3. We’ve done a lot of custom work, but this is our first gears of war costume and we wanted to let our loyal fans follow along to see what goes into every custom cosplay order.

gears of war cosplay costume

We're turning this into a functional costume.

We start with as many photos of the character as possible. Then we draw a c basic draft of the items that we’ll be fabricating. This way, we can work off of drawings with clearly defined lines and boundaries. This makes getting every little detail right a lot easier.

gears of war armor drawing

Drawing the costumes is vital to getting the details right.

clay carmine gears of war cosplay draft

Here is the completed drawing with notes.

gears of war clay carmine helmet

Getting all the details right from the beginning makes it a lot easier.

After that we begin production. We start the fabrication process by determining the best materials to use. In the case of Clay Carmine from Gears of War, we’re going with aluminum and polymer over a moldable vest.

gears of war armor development

Here is the roughed chest armor.

Gears of war armor cosplay back

We start by roughing out the details. Here you can see the original piece we started with and how it ended up.

We’ll provide more updates as the process continues! To order your very own Gears of War cosplay or any other cosplay just email us or look through our massive premade cosplay costume selection.

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