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Rock Lee is the bug eyed warrior that we all hated until we saw him fight. The first time he dropped his leg weights in his epic battle against Gaara, we all fell in love.

Since Rock Lee only uses ninjitsu it's tough to think of a good gimmick for cosplaying him, but we thought of one!

The coolest and most impressive thing you can do is to practice standing and walking on your hands. If you have the body to cosplay Rock Lee, this should be well within reach as Rock Lee is extremely slender. start by using a wall to balance on and slowly but surely kick away from it to learn to gain your balance. Once you can balance without the wall try doing some push ups. Hit the gym and work your upper body and back if you have to. Just imagine everyone's reaction when they see you as Rock Lee walking by them on your hands! That'll be sweeeeeeeeet.


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